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First Post

Welcome all

Just thought I'd set you in on what'll eventually go down here. This is a place to talk about video games. "That's a pretty broad subject." you say? Yes, yes it is.

To narrow it down. We really want people to start talking about the negative image video games get in the media. The news and the paper really just trash the video games. They show them as a bad thing, something that you should not let your children play. If you're against that image, join up. I think the reason they keep saying that, is that no one presents a counter argument. The game companies don't, they're getting free publicity, and the more bad rap they get, the better their games sell.

However, this Community isn't just for that purpose, feel like finding someone to play with in WoW, or looking for a clan member for CS? Post here. I really want this community to be a place for gamers to meet up. Cause there's strength in numbers.

So, to sum up, share experiences, meet team-mates, and stick it to the man.
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