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The parents...

The parents are the only ones who can know at what age their child is able to suspend disbelief and realize that what they are seeing is not a reflection of reality. There is no defined age for this, everyone reaches it at different ages... and some never do. Even with parental restrictions though, the kid is obviously going to get to the game/movie anyway because his friend might have it or whatnot, so it is pointless to try to restrict rentals or sales by age (I think the R-movie restriction at most video places is ridiculous).

Sheltering your child only harms them. They become unaware of the real world around them and, subsequently, have trouble adapting to new and different situations because they never had to before. Openness is the best policy here.

To address the issue of the media blaming video games instead of parents/psychology for violence of kids... well... its just stupid. First of all, if video games had ANY lasting effects (it is not unusual for a kid to act out scenes from a movie/video game or pretend he is said character for a short amount of time) then we would all be having problems. I have been gaming since I was three and never had access restricted to any movie/game ever. I enjoy watching disturbing/violent films. Not because they are violent, but because some are well done and most of the time have meaning (good movies/games).

I treat them just like a romance or comedy.

And I am a very passive person. Very anti-violence.

I don't think that I am that out of the ordinary.

It is stupid to restrict art because it is going to be seen/played anyway.

It is ment to. Thats what it is there for.
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